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Launched in 2013 by Nina Silva, Tagarela began its journey as an insightful blog dedicated to offering Portuguese-language content about the process of planning student exchanges and sharing candid insights into life in Australia. The website’s popularity surged remarkably, prompting Nina to transition from her established IT career in 2016, and immerse herself entirely in facilitating enriched student exchange experiences.


Over the subsequent years, Tagarela’s expert team has been instrumental in processing over a thousand student visas, maintaining a formidable approval rate of 99%. This achievement not only reflects our proficiency in the field but also showcases our unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients’ successful journey to Australia.


Recognising the need for an even more comprehensive service, we took a strategic leap in 2021, establishing Tagarela Migration. Our ambition is to provide holistic support to our clients throughout their Australian journey, right from their initial steps into the country until they comfortably settle into permanent residency.


Our team at Tagarela Migration is a diverse blend of seasoned professionals, each bringing unique experiences to the table. Some have honed their skills working in a range of migration firms, navigating through complex cases and building a wealth of expertise. Others have contributed their skills within the Australian government’s immigration department, gaining invaluable first-hand knowledge of the immigration process.


This rich combination of backgrounds enables us to offer a comprehensive, nuanced service that can effectively cater to a wide array of client needs. With a strong focus on personalisation, we meticulously adapt our planning and guidance strategies to align with the individual requirements and profiles of each client.


At Tagarela Migration, we don’t just provide a service, we partner in your journey. From the moment you start considering Australia as your destination, until the day you achieve your permanent residency, we’re here to support, guide, and celebrate with you every step of the way.


Our Team

Nina Silva

Nina Silva


Nina first set foot in Australia as an international student in 2010. Like many in her position, she began her journey working in the hospitality industry, honing her skills as a barista and an all-rounder. This experience, although humble, was pivotal in shaping her understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by newcomers to Australia.

After three years in hospitality, she leveraged her prior work experience from Brazil to secure a job in Information Technology. This transition marked the beginning of her professional growth in Australia.

In 2016, drawing on her personal experience and a deep desire to help others on similar journeys, Nina founded Tagarela Intercambios. The organization quickly became a reliable resource for international students and individuals seeking to explore Australia. Five years later, in 2021, Nina expanded her mission with the establishment of Tagarela Migration, an agency dedicated to assisting people who, like her, dream of making Australia their home.

Nina’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Diploma of Systems Analysis and Design. These credentials, coupled with her personal journey and professional experience, equip her with a unique perspective and invaluable expertise in guiding others through the migration process.

As the Director of Tagarela Migration, Nina applies her knowledge, skills, and personal experience every day to help make the dream of living in Australia a reality for others.

Hugo Leal

Hugo Leal

Migration Consultant, Registered Migration Agent (MARN 2217825)

Hugo’s journey in migration services began in his home country, Brazil, where he worked as a Visa Processing Officer for the Department of Home Affairs at the Australian Embassy. This position provided him with an in-depth understanding of the Australian visa system from the government’s perspective. In 2019, drawn by his professional experiences and a sense of adventure, Hugo chose Australia as the destination for his sabbatical year. However, he quickly found himself charmed by the country’s allure and decided to make Australia his permanent home.

Once in Australia, Hugo joined the Tagarela team, serving as the Head of the Student Visa Department before transitioning into the role of Case Manager at Tagarela Migration. These roles further deepened his understanding of the Australian visa system, this time from the perspective of visa applicants. With over half a decade of comprehensive experience, Hugo is now a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 2217825), well-equipped to provide expert assistance to our clients.

Hugo is a member of the esteemed Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), which keeps him updated with the latest developments in migration law and practices. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the prestigious University of Brasilia (UnB) and a Graduate Diploma of Migration Law and Practice from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

With his unique experience of having worked on both sides of the visa process, Hugo brings a nuanced understanding and exceptional expertise to his role at Tagarela Migration. He is ready to guide you through your migration journey, answering any questions and addressing any concerns you may have along the way.

Tatiana Stephens

Tatiana Stephens

Migration Consultant, Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1909446)

Tatiana Stephens started her journey in the legal world in Brazil, earning her law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC/RS). In 2007, a short trip to Australia captured her heart, leading her to make a life-changing decision to stay.

With her Brazilian law background and facing a different legal system in Australia, Tatiana turned her focus to migration law, where she found a new passion—helping people like her navigate their way to a new life in Australia. She started working with the Australian visa system in 2013, gaining valuable experience and knowledge to assist fellow migrants.

At the end of 2018, Tatiana completed a Graduate Diploma of Migration Law and Practice at Victoria University. The next year, she became a Registered Migration Agent. Today, Tatiana combines her legal expertise, personal migration experience, and genuine care to guide her clients through the migration process with clarity and compassion.

Carolina Carvalho

Carolina Carvalho

Case Manager

Carolina’s journey to Australia began in January 2015. As an energetic and proactive professional, she brings extensive experience in customer service, administration, and English language education to her role at Tagarela Migration.
Gifted with native fluency in Brazilian Portuguese and a high level of proficiency in English, Carolina initially found her footing as an English language teacher down under. She later joined a multinational retail corporation in 2020, where she further sharpened her customer service expertise and managerial abilities.

In April 2022, she transitioned to the role of Case Manager at Tagarela Migration, marking a significant step in her career.

Having personally gone through the migration process from Brazil to Australia eight years ago, Carolina possesses firsthand knowledge of its challenges and understands the legal, emotional, and financial implications involved. As a proud Australian citizen, she is aware of the rewards that come with successfully completing this journey. Her personal history and passion enhance her abilities as a Case Manager at Tagarela Migration, allowing her to empathise with and provide exceptional service to individuals navigating the complexities of migration.

Carolina is dedicated to delivering exceptional guidance and support to clients at Tagarela Migration. With her extensive experience, strong communication skills, and personal understanding, she is eager to contribute to the agency’s success and help clients achieve their migration goals.


Luciana Rodrigues

Luciana Rodrigues

Case Manager

Meet Luciana, an experienced professional in the field of migration services. Her journey began in 2015 when she arrived in Australia on a student visa, igniting her passion for assisting individuals with their migration endeavors. In 2016, Luciana embarked on her career as an education consultant, providing invaluable support to international students seeking to study in Australia.

Over the years, Luciana honed her expertise by working with various agencies within the industry. Her commitment to helping others achieve their dreams led her to Tagarela Migration in May 2023, where she assumed the role of a Migration Case Manager. In this capacity, Luciana continues to make a significant impact on the lives of those navigating the complexities of migration.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Advertising, as well as a post-graduate course in Marketing and Fashion, Luciana possesses a diverse skill set that enriches her ability to understand and connect with clients. Additionally, her dedication to professional growth is evident through her current pursuit of a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice at UTS, positioning her to become a registered migration agent in the near future.

Luciana’s comprehensive background, combined with her genuine empathy and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking migration assistance. With her guidance and expertise, your migration journey will be navigated with care and precision, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Caique Bonfato

Caique Bonfato

Procedures Analyst

Caique brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a Procedures Analyst with Tagarela Migration. Before joining Tagarela, he worked for the Department of Home Affairs at the Australian embassies in Brazil and Chile from 2016 to 2022. Initially serving as a Visa Decision Maker, Caique progressed to the positions of Programme Assurance Officer in 2017 and subsequently Senior Immigration Integrity Officer (Americas) in 2018. In his regional capacity, he was instrumental in refining business processes, conducting thorough anti-fraud studies and upholding the integrity of visa caseloads across the Americas.

During his time with Home Affairs, Caique consistently demonstrated his ability to identify operational vulnerabilities, enact evidence-based solutions, and maintain adherence to legislation through rigorous quality checks. These skills have been seamlessly transferred to his current role at Tagarela, where he plays a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s migration services, devising strategies for efficient resource utilisation and driving organisational effectiveness.

Caique’s professional journey is further enriched by his academic background. He completed a bachelor degree in International Relations at the University of Brasilia, during which he also worked for various international organisations such as the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Joint Program on HIV/AIDS.

With a steadfast commitment to optimising business processes and continually improving systems and procedures, Caique embodies Tagarela Migration’s dedication to delivering high-quality migration services.

Carolina Vilares

Carolina Vilares

Head of Marketing

Carolina first journeyed to Australia in 2018, and since then she has become a vital point of connection for our clients, often being their first point of contact. As a marketing specialist, she plays an instrumental role in shaping the image and reach of our company.

Carolina is the driving force behind our strategic social media presence, utilizing her expertise to engage audiences, raise brand awareness, and foster a sense of community among our clients. Her role also extends to data analysis, where she meticulously studies patterns and trends to inform our marketing strategies and ensure we are always in tune with our clients’ needs and the market dynamics.

Moreover, Carolina manages our marketing campaigns, coordinating all aspects from conception to execution to post-campaign analysis. Her flair for content creation is evident in the engaging and informative materials she produces, which not only promote our services but also provide valuable insights for our clients.

Carolina’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, specializing in Radio and TV. This education, combined with her practical marketing experience, endows her with a unique skill set that enables her to effectively communicate our brand message across various platforms.

In her role at Tagarela Migration, Carolina strives to create meaningful and impactful connections with our clients, guiding them from their first interaction with us and beyond, ensuring their journey with us is a positive and memorable one.