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Migration Planning Consultation

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  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Price: AUD 220

Sign a contract with us within 30 days after your consultation, and the consultation fee will be applied as a discount on your service agreement. Conditions apply. 



Designed for individuals at the beginning of their migration journey or facing complex situations, this comprehensive consultation offers a deep dive into creating a personalised migration strategy. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the migration process, do not have a skills assessment, or lack a sponsorship offer, this session provides a roadmap for your migration journey.

Examples of Situations:

  • As a student visa holder in Australia, you’re exploring options to move to a work or skilled visa, aiming for a pathway to permanent residency (PR), but require guidance on eligibility, visa options, and strategic planning to ensure a smooth transition.
  • You’re considering moving to Australia but have no idea where to start, what visa to apply for, or how to go about obtaining a skills assessment.
  • You face a complex situation, such as having had multiple visa refusals or needing to switch from a student to a skilled visa pathway without a clear strategy.

Follow-up: Within 5 business days following the consultation, clients will receive an email with a detailed migration plan that outlines different scenarios according to their circumstances. This will include a comprehensive quotation of associated costs. Additionally, a 15-day email support period is offered for further questions or clarifications, ensuring tailored guidance for each client’s unique situation.

If you’re unsure if this consultation suits your needs or if your situation is complex, please fill out our pre-assessment questionnaire before booking to ensure you receive the most appropriate advice:

Otherwise book your Migration Planning Consultation below: