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Partner & Family Visas Consultation

family visa
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: AUD 180

Sign a contract with us within 30 days after your consultation, and the consultation fee will be applied as a discount on your service agreement. Conditions apply. 

Tailored for individuals and families looking to navigate the complexities of partner, parent, or subsequent entrant visas, this consultation is invaluable for those aiming to join their family members in Australia, especially under permanent partner visa arrangements. Whether you’re seeking to unite with your spouse, have your parents join you, or are interested in subsequent visa applications for dependents of temporary visa holders, this session delivers crucial insights and tailored guidance.

Examples of Situations:

  • You’re in Australia and wish to apply for a permanent partner visa to stay with your Australian citizen or permanent resident partner, navigating the requirements for a successful application.
  • You’re outside Australia, looking to join your partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, aiming to understand the pathway to a permanent partner visa.
  • You’re residing in Australia on a temporary work or student visa and are seeking to have your spouse or dependants join you, exploring the options for subsequent visa applications.
  • You’re a permanent resident or citizen desiring to bring your parents to live in Australia permanently, and need advice on the best strategies and visa options.

Follow-up: After the consultation, clients will receive a detailed fact sheet via email, summarising the visa process, eligibility criteria, and providing guidance tailored to their situation. Accompanying this, a quotation detailing all costs involved will be included, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their application process.

Please follow the steps below to schedule your consultation: