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Employer Sponsored Visas Consultation

Work Visa
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: AUD 150

Sign a contract with us within 30 days after your consultation, and the consultation fee will be applied as a discount on your service agreement. Conditions apply. 

This consultation is crafted for professionals either currently employed by an Australian company or those who have received a sponsorship offer, possessing the necessary qualifications and experience for a sponsored visa. It is invaluable for understanding the array of employer-sponsored visa options, including the 407, 482, 186, as well as regional visas like the 494 and DAMA, which offer pathways to PR, including concessions for applicants over 45 in specific situations.

This consultation is also an opportunity for employers to join and gain clarity on their role in the sponsorship process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for a smooth visa application

Examples of Situations:

  • You’ve secured a sponsorship offer from an Australian company and need guidance on selecting the most suitable visa for your circumstances.
  • You’re currently employed in Australia in an eligible occupation on a temporary visa and are seeking to transition to a permanent employer-sponsored visa or to another sponsored visa leading to PR, capitalising on your current employment status and qualifications.
  • As a professional over 45, working in a DAMA-listed occupation, you’re exploring your eligibility for PR through employer sponsorship within a DAMA region, taking advantage of the age flexibility that may be available to you.

Follow-up: A custom fact sheet summarising the visa options, sponsorship process, associated costs, eligibility requirements, and next steps will be provided via email following the consultation. This ensures you have a clear, actionable plan tailored to your specific professional and migration circumstances.

Please follow the steps below to schedule your consultation: